Curated Wedding Memories & Group Experiences at Cedar Rose Estate in Southern Utah

June 1, 2023

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but with the right venue and activities, it can be an unforgettable and cherished experience for both you and your guests. Cedar Rose Estate, located in the heart of Southern Utah, offers a unique and intimate wedding experience surrounded by natural beauty. From hiking trails to day trips to Zion National Park and exploring nearby historic downtown Cedar City, the estate has something for everyone.

A Perfect Setting for Your Wedding Day

Cedar Rose Estate offers a stunning setting for a romantic outdoor wedding in Utah. The estate sits on over 20 acres of pristine land, includes a modern barn, and showcases the perfect backdrop for your special day. The venue has a variety of ceremony and reception options available that cater to large weddings and weekend longs celebrations.

Hiking Trails and Exploring Nature

If you and your guests are nature enthusiasts, Southern Utah is the perfect place to explore the great outdoors. Cedar Rose Estate onsite hiking trails around the property’s 20-acre land. The trails offer a variety of options for hikers, as well as ATVing and mountain biking. Don’t forget to pack your hiking boots and water bottles!

Day Trips to Zion National Park

Located less than an hour away from Cedar Rose Estate, Zion National Park is a must-visit for anyone in Southern Utah. The park boasts miles of stunning natural landscapes, slot canyons, rock formations, and panoramic views. You and your guests can spend days exploring and hiking through Zion’s breathtaking landscapes. Some of the park’s most popular attractions include Angels Landing, the Narrows, and Emerald Pools.

Exploring Cedar City

Exploring Cedar City and its historic downtown is a great way to spend a day with your guests. The city is home to a variety of shops, galleries, and restaurants that offer an authentic Southern Utah experience. You can learn more about Cedar City’s rich history at the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum or the Southern Utah Museum of Art.

Luxury Accommodations

Cedar Rose Estate offers accommodations for up to 120 guests in its expansive estate, which guests have exclusive use of during their stay. The guesthouse includes 15 suites and rooms – including 3 bunk rooms, a luxury kitchen, a large gathering room, and a game room.

Choosing Cedar Rose Estate as your wedding venue is an easy decision. With the stunning natural surroundings, unforgettable experiences such as hiking trails, day trips to Zion National Park, and exploring historic downtown Cedar City, you and your guests will surely have an unforgettable time. The estate offers a unique and intimate wedding experience that is perfect for couples looking for something special. Don’t miss out on creating unique and memorable memories – contact us for more information on how to book your wedding d at Cedar Rose Estate.


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