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Cedar Rose Estate is a 37,000 square foot home, matched with a brand new 8,000 square foot barn.

Located just 30 minutes from Cedar City, Utah, we are a romantic wedding venue focused on experience. The estate is situated on 20 acres of sprawling hills, with stunning views, streams and pond, intimate trails, and our signature outdoor living oasis. Cedar Rose Estate creates an intimate & unique atmosphere for couples who want to expand their day into an unforgettable weekend event.

With several options throughout the estate, you can create an intimate wedding experience for just a few, or we can effortlessly accommodate a guest list of 200 indoors. We can sleep up to 120 at the estate throughout our various suites and bunk rooms.

At Cedar Rose Estate, we elevate the wedding of your dreams and give you an experience. We are flexible with vendors and offer flexible payment schedules.

Each weekend is booked for one single event. That means there is no rush to clear out because another wedding party is arriving.

Fly in on Thursday, choose your adventure for Friday, and finish the day with your rehearsal dinner, preparing you for your big day on Saturday. Friends and family can stay through the night and depart on Sunday.  

Not Just Your Day


Let your wedding planner and our team do the work leading up to your big day while you go have an adventure.

We can help you plan for skiing, fishing, mountain biking, or take a private helicopter to see the views. Perhaps some of you would like something quieter. How about a massage in our spa room? 

One more adventure first?


After being apart, more than ever, we want those closest to us, near. With our 37,000 sq. foot estate, you can bring your entire wedding party and family with you to create a special trove of memories as you all gather out by the fire pit, or enjoy amazing adventures in beautiful Southern Utah — all leading up to your incredible day.

An experience to be shared


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We believe in happily ever after, that memories are better shared, and that your love story is one for the ages and should be experienced as such.

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